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Mottra History

MOTTRA Ltd continues the old tradition of serving Latvian caviar to the British tables. Caviar from Riga, the capital of Latvia, has been served in the Royal Courts of Europe ever since 17th Century.
Mid-19th century ceramic Riga caviar pot
Established in 2002 MOTTRA farm combines the best of the old traditions with a new environmental and scientific approach, resulting in the production of the purest caviar that will delight the most discerning connoisseur.

Caviar lovers have always always suffered from the knowledge that lives of wild breeding sturgeons were terminated to provide this exclusive delicacy, thus consuming caviar from the endangered species is very much at odds with the world concerns on animal welfare and sustainability. Mottra has solved this dilemma with the use of special sturgeon caviar farming techniques that encourage caviar production, whilst putting the welfare of the sturgeon first.

Once the sturgeon is about six or seven years of age it is milked or 'stripped' of its eggs, rather than being culled. The sturgeon then put back into the perfect conditions of Mottra's indoor pools where the fish continues to grow and starts the next process of caviar production. 

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