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"Mottra Caviar is not only sustainable, it's also ethical and guilt-free as the fish is not slit open just for the sake of its eggs but milked"
Ewan Venters, Chief Executive, Fortnum & Mason Co

"Mottra caviar. That's it. Why would you have anything else. Caviar from wild fish is going to be a thing of the past, because there just ain't that many sturgeon out there any more. On top of the sustainability aspect, the eggs are much less salty than traditional kinds, so you get a good taste of the actual eggs".
Mark Hix, chef, author and entrepreneur

"Since we started offering Mottra caviar with one of L'Anima signature dishes it's become even more popular. The subtle taste just uplifts the dish and gives it an extra burst of flavour".
Francesco Mazzei, executive chef and patron of L'Anima

"Wild caviar is very difficult to source and its scarcity must question our use of it. Mottra caviar is a great alternative and the flavour is superb. Some farmed caviar can be muddy or too salty in flavour, there is none of

this with the Mottra products they are first rate."
Mitchell Tonks, award winning food writer, restaurateur and fishmonger

"Thank you very much for your ... sustainable ethical and guilt-free caviar"
Louis B. Susman, Ambassador, Embassy of the United States of America, London

"Many thanks for your fast service"
Duke of Edinburgh's Household, Buckingham Palace

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