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Memorandum of Understanding between CEFAS and MOTTRA opens new horizons for aquaculture science in the UK, 7 May 2014

British-Latvian cooperation in the field of aquaculture has been further strengthened with a new memorandum of understanding to collaborate on scientific, technological and commercial opportunities.

The three-year agreement was signed on 7 May between the Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science, UK (Cefas), Industrial Mechanics, Biological Complexes Scientific and Research Centre Ltd., Latvia (RMBKZPC) and MOTTRA Ltd.

The partnership aims to build on and combine the areas of knowledge and expertise of the three organisations. Cefas' experience and expertise in the provision of technical and scientific support and advice in the areas of aquaculture, biosecurity, fish and shellfish disease, and project management will complement RMBKZPC research expertise in the area of finfish aquaculture and recirculation systems. MOTTRA Ltd has extensive know-how in developing and optimising their unique technology of large-scale closed-system recirculation fish farms, leading to new environmentally friendly and scientific approaches to providing ethical sturgeon caviar farming.

The Parties wish to build a collaborative relationship in the area of aquaculture research, particularly recirculation technologies, to promote common knowledge technology for production of sturgeon and other species of freshwater fish from Latvia and to share the knowledge with other European countries and worldwide.

On signing the agreement at the Latvian Embassy in London, the Ambassador of Latvia, H.E. Andris Teikmanis, said: "This agreement is a good example of bringing together science, technology and business for a common goal. In Latvia green technologies and environmentally friendly processes have always been important for our society. I am particularly proud, that Latvia can provide a significant contribution in terms of expertise, knowledge and know-how in aquaculture for mutual British-Latvian benefit".

Cefas CEO Mike Waldock, said: "This partnership represents a real opportunity for Cefas to bring our leading edge aquaculture science and technology to a new UK-Latvian collaboration. Our combined efforts aim to drive forward scientific and commercial opportunities for the benefit of our organisations, countries and most importantly the well-being of our citizens in Europe and potentially world-wide."





Mews42 Gallery had a private view of selected works by Damien Hurst, the founding member of the Young British Artists group and internationally renowned artistic and cultural figure. Hirst's unique artworks were shown to the exclusive number of guests invited by a personal invitation only. The event was sponsored by MASERATI and MOTTRA Caviar.



Cavalry & Guards Club Arts and Sport Dinner Supported by Mottra, 27 January 2014





Top British Comedians Enjoy Mottra, 12 December 2013

Mottra joined forces with the British Comedy Awards to entertain its guests.






Mottra Helping Chidren, 1 July 2013

Mottra Became a Partner of the Russian Summer Ball donating to the auction to raise money for children charities in the CIS.







Caviar Helps London Cyclists, 22 June 2013

Mottra is proud to support London Velonotte Albertina - a Grand Tour of Early Victorian London and a unique opportunity to see historic West End at night.







Chance for Life From Mottra - Charity Auction Support May 2013, 25 May 2013

Mottra was proud to take part in the silence auction at the chairyt gala raising almost £15,000.







Alfred Dunhill Chooses Fully Sustainable Mottra Again, 4 October 2012

Mottra has joined forces with Alfred Dunhill to sponsor its annual golf Links championship featuring on p. 51 of the Official Programme 2012.







L'Anima Introduces Mottra at the Masterclass, 8 September 2012

Celebrity Chef Francesco Mazzei is creatively using Mottra on the day-to-day basis and in his special Masterclass menu.







Laurent-Perrier Chooses Mottra for the Taste of London, 21 June 2012

200-years old champagne brand opens its Tous les Sens Experience at the Taste of London with Mottra Caviar.






Mottra Caviar Club Endorsed by Spear's, Issue 26 (May/June 2012), 30 April 2012





Mottra Caviar Club Getting Momentum, 10 April 2012

Excellent Menu by Mark Made Club Members Dinner at Hix Belgravia Ever More Enjoyable.
Mottra Osetra Caviar with Champagne Jellied Landisfarne Oyster





Mottra Continues to Support SOS Children's Village Charity, 14 March 2012





Mottra Caviar Club Launched in London, 12 January 2012

The first event took place in the Embassy of Latvia in the UK. The Club is a partnership between Mottra Ltd and Mark Hix, a restaurant owner, celebrity chef and renowned food writer and is supported by Laurent-Perrier and Spears. The aim of the Club is to promote awareness about the ethical, sustainable and guilt free caviar produced without harm to the fish.





Ethical Mottra Praised in the Independent, 27 November 2011





Ladies Are For Mottra, 4 November 2011

The Lady recommends Mottra to its readers as their Christmas choice





MPs enjoy Mottra in the Houses of Parliament, 26 October 2011

His Excellency Latvian Ambassador commends Mottra for supporting the launch of the British - Latvian All - Party Parliamentary Group in London.





A New Dawn For Caviar by Seafood Souce, 5 August 2011

One European firm :. has both the quality and the eco-credentials writes Jason Holland

Click to read pdf: A New Dawn For Caviar





Isle of Wight's Renowned Chef Likes Mottra Caviar, 25 June 2011

Chef Robert Thompson from the 3 Rosette, Michelin star Hambrough restaurant talkes about Mottra





Mottra caviar: tried & tested by Telegraph, 21 May 2011





Gorby Celebrates His Birthday with Mottra Caviar, 6 April 2011

Mottra is proud to be one of the sponsors of Michael Gorbachev's 80s birthday celebration in the Royal Albert Hall in London





Aston Martin Chooses Mottra Caviar for a Michelin Star, 15 March 2011

Mottra Caviar is dressed to impress inspiring Michelin star chefs as much by its clean and fresh flavour as by its green credentials. Luxurious guilt-free dining on caviar with a conscience!





Mottra joins Andrey Arshavin SOS charity event, 9 March 2011





Mottra caviar wins Russian souls in London, 4 February 2011

In the world of quickly disappering wild sturgeon and the imminent 5-year ban on sturgeon fishing there are few people who still believe in mythical Russian and Iranian caviar. Russians have been slow to realise this but are now quick to understand and appreciate ethical and sustainbale Mottra caviar with the help of the top Russian-speaking luxury life style magazine ( ) in London. Caviar lovers ( even the high net worth - surprise, surprise!) are flocking to snatch their bargins: Those of you who do not read Russian might still like to see familar faces and photos.





Russia Today on Culture and Caviar in London, 22 January 2011

The new year takes Martyn Andrews and his crew OUT of Moscow! On this week's show our English host takes a look at Russian culture and history in Great Britain. We eat Mottra Caviar in London, meet Arkady Novikov one of the main restaurateurs in Moscow, visit the Orthodox Cathedral in Chiswick, explore Russian named streets and a Russian food store - proving you don't have to board an airplane to come face to face with Russian Culture!


You can find the entire programme here: Moscow London Caviar Culture





Mottra Caviar at Nordic-Baltic Summit in London, 20 January 2011

Famous chef Martins Ritins fed the Premiers of the UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with Mottra caviar as part of his sustainable food presentation at the summit.





Don't Hold Back: Mottra in the Sunday Times, 20 November 2010





Mottra Caviar Wanted by Foodies for Christmas (in the Observer), 14 November 2010





Success Story from Latvia: Mottra at London Investment Forum, 28 October 2010





Mottra caviar at Selfridges HIX Restaurant, 18 October 2010





Yes Chef! Magazine, 14 October 2010

Caviar without cruelty
Farmed caviar provides chefs with a more affordable alternative to the expensive dwindling stocks of wild caviar, but the killing of sturgeon has always been at odds with the idea of sustainability and animal welfare. Latvian producer Mottra's innovative massage extraction technuque gives chefs a sustainable, guilt-free and delicious farmed caviar.





Mottra Caviar is in Caviar, A Global History by Nichola Fletcher, 27 September 2010

Mottra Caviar is commended on its outstanding farming technique.
Mottra: sturgeon caviar made by a new system that does away with the need to kill the sturgeon.





Elton John goes for Mottra, 6 July 2010

Mottra caviar is served at Elton John's White Tie and Tiara Ball in Windsor
Everyone was then officially welcomed to the 12th White Tie & Tiara Ball by David Furnish who also paid tribute to Robert Key, who helped set up the foundation and had sadly recenty passed away, and thanked the sponsors who made the event possible, including Chopard, Audi, Neuro and OK! magazine. Guest then tucked into a starter of truffled scramled eggs with asparagus soldiers, melba toast and Mottra caviar, followed by roadt Cumbrian lamb:

Other articles about the event:
Another article on Elton's web site (
The theme of Sir Elton John's White Tie and Tiara Ball 2010 was Gaga in Wonderland (





The Spectator, 26 June 2010

Milked eggs
Mottra Caviar 'milks' mature roe from farmed sturgeon without killing the fish, producing one of the only sustainable caviar products available today. Mark Hix is a fan, as are buyers at Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. Spoon over Melba toast for a retro appetiser, or scatter the dainty eggs over asparagus and hollandaise:





The Wall Street Journal, 30 April 2010

A New Breed of Epicurean Delights
English Truffles, Latvian Caviar and Belgian Wagyu Beef are Making Their Mark.





Mottra Caviar is chosen for the globe top chefs! 26 April 2010

Mottra Caviar is chosen for the globe top chefs at the World's 50 Best Award Ceremony at Guildhal:





Frolic 72 blog Wednesday, 21 April 2010

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I would talk about sustainable luxury which was once enjoyed by Russian Tsars, Iranian Shahs and Austrian Emperors.

Mottra Caviar has managed to bring back that which has been made illegal. How did they accomplish this? By giving the fish a massage! This clever and humane method allows us to have Sterlet caviar which has disappeared from the market for almost 50 years. There is nothing added to Mottra Caviar making it healthy and delicious. It has a very subtle taste, highly valued by connoisseurs and is also eco-friendly. Water consumption of the plant is reduced to a technologically possible minimum and the farm has very low energy consumption. Water which passes into the environment is totally free of chemical additives and neither nature nor the groundwater is affected. Prices start at £49 with free postage within the UK.





TimesOnline From The Sunday Times, 4 April 2010

Greg Barker gets a tickle from eco-caviar
Marie Woolf, Whitehall Editor

CALL him the sturgeon general. The shadow climate change minister has developed a sideline that will make some of his fellow Tories choke: "ethical" caviar.

Greg Barker, a millionaire Conservative MP and the party's green spokesman, is set to cash in on the latest fashion for fish-friendly sturgeon eggs.

However, weeks before a general election it is the last thing that David Cameron wants to see in his party diet. He has already banned champagne at its annual conference. Other than adding Eton mess as a dessert, nothing spells elitist more than caviar on the menu.

Barker, the MP for Bexhill and Battle, has revealed a financial interest in a British firm that produces the ethical caviar in Latvia. Unlike traditional caviar, which is obtained by killing the endangered sturgeon, it is extracted by massaging it out of live farmed fish which swim away when the process is complete. The sturgeon, which can live for 35 years, then grow more eggs 14 months later.

The brand, Mottra, was served at Tatler magazine's 300th anniversary party and at the Frieze art fair. Penelope Cruz, the film star, is said to have bought several pots from Harvey Nichols in London.

Barker has been advising Sergei Trachuk, the Russian businessman who runs the company, and introducing the firm to City figures ahead of a possible float on the stock market.

He has now disclosed in the Commons register of interests that he has obtained a share option in Mottra. "Although I only have a very small interest, it is a cracking little company with a strong ethical and sustainable business and I am glad they are doing so well," he said.

Barker is not the only Tory MP to back the eco-friendly caviar. Among its other supporters is Bill Wiggin, the Old Etonian Tory whip, whose wife Milly, a former girlfriend of Cameron, carried out promotional work for Mottra last year. Celebrity fans of the food also include Rick Stein, Gwyneth Paltrow and Tracey Emin.

In addition to being less cruel, the technique helps to reduce the damage to wild sturgeon stocks. Over-fishing and poaching have devastated the traditional caviar fisheries in the Caspian Sea.

"We are trying to do things as naturally as possible and are at the early stages of establishing ourselves," said Trachuk. "Greg [Barker] has been very helpful. He knows what he is doing."







The Handbook, 1 March 2010

Sustainable Caviar

Caviar has been a long-standing taboo, falling in the same category as foie gras, lobster and veal; they all are stamped with a history of cruelty. Now, ethical dining is becoming a growing concern and Mottra, the first Latvian caviar, is leading the way as the first sustainable caviar house.

Normally Sturgeons, whose eggs can be sold for up to £22,000 per kilo, are culled to collect their eggs, yet the goldmine price tag means fisherman are unrelenting, and the number of Sturgeons are dwindling. However,Mottra caviar farm, owned by Russian Sergei Trachuk , has introduced a new progression to the market which replaces the antediluvian method with modern technology and farming techniques which no longer harm the fish. Once the sturgeon is five years old, the caviar is gently massaged and 'stripped' from the fish. Afterwards they are placed back into the waters of theMottra farm where the sturgeon will continue to grow and start the following year's caviar production.

Mottra rears two types of Sturgeon, Sterlet and Osetra, as well as a few rare albino versions which produce the sought after 'gold' caviar. The Sterlet and Oestra are less salty than other caviars and have a delicious richness and delicacy. Mottra has a long list of regular devoted buyers from Mark Hix, of the ever growing Hix restaurants, to Rick Stein, and connoisseurs will go to great lengths to obtain this caviar. It's easy to see why.

Mottra Osetra £49.95 for 28g or £97 for 56g

Mottra Sterlet £69 for 28g or £134 for 56g







Restaurant, 5 December 2009

Mottra caviar farm
A caviar farm in Latvia has devised a sustainable, humane and clever way of producing the world's most opulent food.
The trick, it says, is all in the massaging:





Traveller, 1 December 2009

Latvian company Mottra claims to make the only truly sustainable caviar in the world, in which the roe are massaged out, rather than the sturgeon being sliced open. Osetra caviar, from 35 for 28g. at, Selfridges or Harvey Nichols.





Tatler, 1 December 2009

No less than two kilos of Mottra Caviar from Selfridges was served and savoured. Guests dined on By Word of Mouth's delicious canapes and dishes. To satisfy sweet tooth's, Fortnum & Mason provided over 1,500 delicious pastries - a feast of mini eclairs, tarts and tortes - plus an unforgettable three-tier birthday cake by Peggy Porschen for Fortnum & Mason:





Telegraph Weekend, Saturday, 5 December 2009

Caviar that is taken from sturgeon without killing the fish. I visited this farm in Latvia last year and saw the eggs massaged from the fish. The taste is pure and buttery, the eggs clean and firm textured (the latter is something that traditionalists may need to acquire a taste for)
Last orders: Dec 21





Food & Wine Matching, Fine Wine & Caviar, Friday 13th November 2009

Our Head Chef, Stewart Turner, will prepare five caviar dishes to include a classic caviar plate, caviar & oyster, caviar & smoked salmon, scrambled egg with caviar and Dover sole dressed with caviar. Alun Griffiths who is a Master of Wine, and of taste, will expertly guide you through the dimensions of flavour in both. In addition, Alun will be particularly delighted to introduce you to Sergei Trachuk, owner of Mottra Caviar. Mottra supply top-quality osetra and sterlet caviar, both of which you will taste tonight, but most importantly Mottra's caviars come from sustainable sources. Their aim has always been to farm caviar whilst preserving the fish it comes from. Mottra caviar is sturgeon friendly and its subtle taste will delight the most discerning connoisseur.

Click here for MENU (pdf file)





Evening Standard, Friday, 16 October 2009

Lydia Slater is the Restaurant Spy.
Tracey Emin has come a long way from her Margate roots. Lunching the other day at Mark Hix's Albemarle restaurant in Brown's Hotel, she said that she wanted no gifts from her friends apart from presents of Mottra 'fish-friendly' caviar.





Tatler's 300th Anniversary Party, Lancaster House, 14th October 2009

Mottra caviar is served at the Tatler's 300th Anniversary party.
"It was undoubtedly the most popular area at the party, the chefs preparing the blinis were overwhelmed and literally could not serve them fast enough".
Michelle Russell
Events Director
GQ & Glamour

By Word of Mouth





Frieze Art Fair (15-18 October), 14 October 2009

Mottra caviar is offered at Hix Oyster Bar & Restaurant at Frieze Art Fair.
"Princess Rosario Nadal had lunch with Gwyneth Paltrow, ate the caviar and loved it" notes our friend there.





Ryanair Magazine, 10 october 2009

Riga is famed more for its stag parties than its food, but for those in the know it packs a punch on the palate, too. Fiona Sims checks out its restaurants, delicacies and a rather special fish farm.
Trust In Your Sturgion
Click to view PDF file





The Independent Life, Thusday, 24 September 2009

The New Black
Caviar's extravagance is all part of its seductive charm. So can a revolutionary sustainable roe - the first to spare the lives of the sturgeon - make the grade? John Walsh gives his verdict.





The Times, Monday, 14 September 2009

Caviar without prohibitive cost or conscience, a taste of things to come.
The price of caviar has trebled over the past 15 years: sturgeon's roe now cost about £140 per 50g jar, reinforeing, as if it was necessary, its long association with the rich and the decadent:





The Telegraph Magazine, Saturday, 14 February 2009

Golden Eggs
A farm in Latvia has developed a method of extracting caviar that keeps the fish alive - and is consequently helping to save the sturgeon from extinction.
By Rose Prince. Photographs by Jason Lowe.

Read more - click for pdf (4.51 MB)





The Sunday Telegraph, Stella Magazine, 14 December 2008

Fashion Plate
What's in, what's out
Splash out with a clear conscience this Christmas. Farmed Latvian sturgeon are stripped of their eggs to collect Mottra caviar, then put back in the water (rather than culled). The quality of caviar improves with the age of fish, so it makes gastronomic as well as ecological sense. Reasonably priced at £64 for a 56g jar, with only salt added.





The Daily Telegraph, Weekend section, 15 November 2008

Farmed black caviar: Mottra, London (0203 008 4671; Caviar farmed sustainably in Latvia and taken carefully from sturgeon without killing them. The fish are then put in special pools, fed a natural, ethically sourced diet and continue to produce eggs each season. The caviar rates highly on flavour, with no preservatives, only salt. Very good value: £64 for 56g; £105 for 90g. Last orders: Dec 12.

Click here, Rose Prince (pdf)





The Grocer, 27 September 2008

by Alex Beckett Latvia's only caviar brand, Mottra, is bringing what it claims is the only ethical caviar in the world to the UK.
The company allows its sturgeon to mature after removing the eggs - rather than following the tradi-tional practice of immedi-ately culling the fish once harvested. This more ethi-cal and sustainable method allows eggs to be gathered from the same fish for up to 40 years. The luxury brand, which is launching into the UK this month, ini-tially online, said this method gave it a unique sales proposition in caviar.
The volatile world econo-my made it a challenging time to launch a luxury product, Sergei Reviakin, director of Mottra, admit-ted to The Grocer. And with an rsp of £68 for a 56gjar or £1,200 for a kilo, the prod-uct is not suited to credit-crunch budgeting. But Reviakin was confident its ethical credentials would stand it in good stead against the competition. "I think that there will always be a place for luxury foods such as caviar," he said. "What has changed is that people are becoming more discerning in their choice and will always choose the luxury product that is more sustainable and ethical. Our caviar is for those who enjoy delicacies but have a conscience."
The Riga-based company keeps its fish in spring water sourced from 150m below the ground and then purified through a process of double filtration. This was in stark contrast to the polluted rivers and seas from which the majority of the world's caviar was sourced, said Reviakin.
Mottra is in discussions with two major retailers with a view to securing its first listings in the UK.





The Sunday Times, The Style Magazine, 21 September 2008

"EGG-STRA SPECIAL. A caviar farm in Latvia is going all out to give its sturgeon a better life. The fish are kept in temperature-controlled pools, before being massaged to release their eggs, so they live to spawn another year. £64 for 56g;"





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