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1.Fresh, mild and subtle
Its freshness is highly valued by connoisseurs. There is no overpowering taste of fish. caviar mottra

2. Grain to grain
Our farming methods allow us to obtain high quality fish eggs like in the olden days when sturgeon would swim upstream to spawn and would be caught with fully matured eggs.

3. No aftertaste.
We do not use tin containers or add borax and boric acid (look for E-number on the label) - the main culprits of sharp aftertaste in other caviars. It is the taste of the lactic acid intin containers which our caviar does not have.

4. Not sticky.
When caviar is too sticky the most likely cause for it is too much salt. Our caviar has very little salt ("malosol" from Russian).

5. Neither wet nor mushy.
When caviar is repacked more preservatives are added and its taste and look deteriorates. Our caviar is packed directly at our farm and is not repacked before it reaches our customers.

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